Ziolo Consulting will help you select and utilize the most appropriate equipment for your medical facility or laboratory based on your unique needs and clientele. Our vendor connections ensure you will receive the best deals on the latest scientific equipment tailored to your business.

New Facilities

Setting up a new facility is daunting enough without having to obsess over which manufacturer you should pick and what vendor should be your supplier! We offer unbiased recommendations based on your business and budget, and ensure you receive optimal customer support.


Ordering items used every day can be stressful for you and your team, especially if you have multiple vendors with unreliable shipping schedules and complicated systems. Tell us what you need and we will find the best pricing and fastest shipping available!


When it becomes difficult to work with your current equipment, and breakdowns are more frequent, it’s time to upgrade your facilities. This doesn’t have to be stressful or draining on your time and funds. We can help you by identifying new trends in the market and scientific advances, and make recommendations based on your business and budget that will provide you with long-lasting value.


Congratulations, you are growing! But how to add to your facility while you are hard at work serving your clients? Call Ziolo Consulting and share your vision! We offer market insights into what services your clientele are interested in obtaining, where reimbursements are strong, and provide you with the ability to keep your business running while we do the heavy lifting to get your new endeavor rolling.